“We want to help you
win 4 to 8 high-value managed
services clients per year!”


QUICK…What do you think of when you hear the phrase

“lead generation”?

Hiring a salesperson to make 300 cold calls per week?

Scouring a list and mailing a gift to every business in your zip code?

Racking your brain for Facebook post ideas to build your “brand”?

If you’re like most MSPs, you’re probably nodding your head.

Because in the MSP space, the word “lead generation” is synonymous with lots
and lots of effort, marketing trends that quickly die off, and hype that gets no results.

But it doesn’t have to…

Let me explain…


I’m fortunate to be operating two of the leading done-for-you MSP Marketing agencies that have been leading the SMB MSP Marketing space since 2010.

Over the past 12+ years Tech Pro Marketing and Ulistic have:

Helped over

1,000 MSPs

win new customers

Received over

150 5-star

Google reviews

Generated over


new business opportunities
for our MSP customers

We've been featured in Channel Executive Magazine, SmarterMSP, MSP Marketing Edge... and just about everywhere else in the MSP space:


And after all this time, here is what I’ve found:

Most MSPs are not getting results from their marketing

They’re putting in too much effort and spending too much time

And it’s because they’re either using the wrong strategies and tactics…

Or they’re using the right tactics, but implementing them incorrectly

Join us as we continue to work towards our mission of disrupting the MSP marketing status-quo, helping our members see undeniable return on investment from their marketing budget.

Nate Freedman

You Need More Leads, You Need Better Clients

Word of mouth and referrals are your only leads

You don’t have any marketing and sales systems

You have no one helping you actually do the marketing work

You’ve Tried all of the Traditional Methods

Using the famous MSP marketing toolkits didn’t get you a single new client

When you hired your own sales rep, they quit after three weeks

You’re not sure why the others in your peer groups are having success, but you’re not

You Have No One to Go to For Help

Your vendors setup a fancy marketing portal for you, but the content and campaigns are just sitting there

The last head of sales and marketing you hired promised the moon but failed miserably when they learned how hard MSP marketing really is

Your peer group has turned into a soapbox where it’s more about showing off than helping

Are you ready to radically change the trajectory of your MSP for the better? Are you ready to be confident that you are on the right track?

MSP Growth LAB - LOGO_with TM

MSP Growth LabTM is…

the Only Virtual-Employee-Led Marketing Program that Helps Early- and Mid-Stage MSPs Consistently Win 4 to 8 Additional Customers Per Year.


Done-For-You Lead Generation That Brings in 4 to 8 New Customers Per Year

Lead Generation

Measurable Return On Investment

This program is about results and about helping you new customers. Most customers recoup the cost of our program in new managed services contracts within the first year.

Core Program is Done-For-You

We understand you get busy sometimes, and that’s why most of our program is done for you. Even when you can’t put in as much as you’d like, your marketing doesn’t stop.

Consistent Pipeline of Leads

Our customers average three high quality leads per month. For most early and mid-stage MSPs this is the perfect flow to build consistent growth.

Your Own Dedicated Virtual Assistant from Our Office in Udaipur India


You Are Paired With a Virtual Assistant (VA)

You are assigned a virtual assistant from our office in Udaipur, India. Our India office has been in operation since 2018 and is filled with MSP marketing pros.

Recurring Marketing Tasks Done on Autopilot

Your VA will handle all routine marketing tasks for you: updating your CRM, prospect research, KPI reporting, and handling marketing requests.

In The Office Culture Makes a Difference!

Being physically working in our India office makes it so much easier for our team members to support each other, learn from one another, and get better at serving our customers.

Program Improvements and Updates At No Additional Cost

Program Improvements

Benefit From What We Learn In Our R&D Department

Our research and development team are leaders in MSP marketing strategy. We have a 13-year track record of new strategies that help our MSPs win more deals.

The Latest In Marketing Strategy

Marketing channels and tactics change frequently. What worked five years ago won’t work the same today. You will always be leveraging the most effective marketing strategies.

Annual Program Updates At No Additional Cost

Every year, we update our marketing mix to get the best results for our customers. You get all program updates and improvements at no additional cost.

Set Meetings With Prospects Through Done-For-You Outbound Email and LinkedIn

Set Meetings

Get The Best List With Manual Prospect List Building

While many marketing companies rely on purchasing lists, we've learned that manual prospect research is the only way to have success with outbound lead gen.

Generate Leads With Cold Email Outreach

Professional, straight-to-the-point business email that identifies businesses who are unhappy with their current IT and gets them into your pipeline.

Set Appointments With Targetted LinkedIn Outreach

While many view the LinkedIn landscape as saturated, our program helps you stand out in the crowded market, creating amazing opportunities from high-quality LinkedIn marketing.

Drive Traffic To Your Website with Done-For-You SEO and PPC


New Organic Leads Through SEO

We will always ensure that your website is optimized to be found on Google. We're monitoring the search landscape constantly, allowing you to move faster than your competitors.

Proven Google Ads Strategy

We leverage our years of knowledge and data that we have collected from running Google Ads for MSPs to run highly targeted campaigns that have proven to work.

Dominate Your Local Maps

When a business types in "IT Services Near Me," we're going to make sure that your website is prominently displayed in the maps listing on Google.

Get The High-Converting MSP Website That Will Get Visitors Contacting You

MSP Website

Get the Best Performing Website Framework

We will either make adjustments to your current website or build from scratch using our MSP conversion framework that we developed after building over 100 MSP websites.

Live-Agent Chat Widget

Increase conversions on your website with our website live chat agents who are highly trained in converting website visitors into sales-ready leads.

Hosting, Security, and Updates

We keep your website safe, secure, and up-to-date. We take regular offsite backups and manage all plugin and security updates. Never worry about your website again.

Get Referrals And Ignite Old Leads With A World-Class Branding & Authority Building Program

Building Program

Social Media Content Calendar

Our team will create and manage content across multiple platforms, from LinkedIn to Google My Business in a monthly content calendar.

Done-for-You Email Newsletter

Obtain referrals and build better relationships with your customers with a quarterly email newsletter, keeping your prospects informed about your business and services.

Done-for-You Website Blogging

Our team will write thought provoking and engaging blog posts and articles that show your prospects you are active and knowledgable in your business.

A Full Set of Marketing Tools is Included at No Extra Cost to You

No Extra Cost

Top-of-the-line Marketing Tool Stack Included

When you sign up for our program, you won’t be asked to pay for any additional tools. We’ve spent the last decade selecting the best marketing stack for MSPs:

  • CRM Software
  • Email Marketing Software
  • Website Lead Tracking Software
  • Website Visitor Identification Software
  • Social Media Scheduling Software
  • Online Review Generation Software
  • Website Backup and Security Software
  • Marketing Portal to Access Everything in Our Program

Access Our Vault of Our Highest Performing Past Campaigns

Access Our Vault

Access Our Vault of Past Campaigns

There is no need to reinvent the wheel when we’ve already spent the last 13 years perfecting our marketing process. Gain immediate access to our vault of past marketing campaigns that you can adapt and use with your VA.

  • One-pagers
  • Pitch decks
  • Email campaigns
  • Physical mail campaigns
  • Guest articles

Unlimited Graphic Design and Content Requests from Our Fulfillment Team


Submit Your Own Requests

Our team is always open to exploring new ways of promoting your business. If you have an idea or suggestion, let your VA know and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Graphic Design and Content Requests Accepted

Our team of graphic designers and copywriters are always ready to take on new design and content requests, whether you need a web page designed or a guest article written.

Training on The Best Practices for Submitting Requests

We cover the best practices for submitting marketing requests. We’ll teach you how to avoid common mistakes, and get the marketing work that you need done quickly and easily.

Succeed Together With A Community of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs


Live Members-Only Zoom Sessions

Our live sessions cover topics from asking customers for reviews to recording your own video content, giving you the knowledge you need to succeed in growing your MSP.

Recorded Training Portal

Go back and review past training in our recorded training portal. Our library of recordings gives you the chance to go over key topics in digital marketing at your own pace.

Ask a Question

Get your questions answered by our community of MSP marketers directly inside our MSP Growth Academy

Next Available Start Date: December 1st, 2023

"We will install a marketing and lead generation system into your MSP business!"

The Benefits Of Having A Growth System:

Generate more leads: our customers average three high-quality leads per month

Win more new customers: our customers average adding four to eight new customers each year

Hire less: skip the headache of hiring your internal marketing department

Get more referrals: stay top of mind with your community and leverage the network effect

Upsell current customers: build authority with your customer base so they engage more deeply with you

Free up time: give yourself and your key team members a break from managing another core system

Save significant costs: our program will on average save you 50% to 75% when compared to hiring internally

Systemetize more: our team will immediately apply our tried and tested MSP growth system

Increase the value of your MSP: buyers are looking to acquire MSPs that have systems that run on their own

Who is MSP Growth LabTM for?

Early to mid-stage MSPs

You are currently generating between $500k to $5m in ARR.

Business isn't growing like you want

Your business either isn't growing, or growth is causing new problems.

You primarily have an outsourced IT department offering

Your business operates a traditional MSP model, helping small businesses with their IT.

Who is MSP Growth LabTM NOT for?

Late-stage MSPs

Your annual revenues are far beyond $5m.

​Your business growth is going just fine

You have systems and processes in place. Growth is happening and it's controlled. No major issues.

You do not take on the role of outsourced IT department for your clients

You are an integrator, cybersecurity company, or other type of non-MSP IT services provider.

Recent Customer Testimonials

Why IT Service Companies Trust To Tech Pro Marketing & Ulistic To

Help With Their Managed IT Services Marketing Needs

$15,000 in MRR in 6 months

Kevin came to us with a great sales process in hand, and all they needed was more warm leads in the pipeline. We worked together to build a consistent flow of new business.

9% growth in about 8 months

Before we started working with Oasis, Terrel felt like he was trying to run in quicksand. That all changed when we took their marketing off of their plate, allowing them to do what they do best.

Instant Phone and Website Traffic

Since AMS started working with us, people looking for what they need in an MSP are finding them - the amount of traffic on their website and phones had been keeping them busy week after week.

“Ulistic team do a great job and the value is definitely there. We have been with them for about 2 years and I have been pleased with their services and results. We have gotten our money back in returns several times over.”



For the last 7 years, Ulistic team have been integral in the development and refinement of Compunet’s various marketing strategies. MSPs need a business partner like them to help ensure success in this marketplace.



Ulistic has increased our web and social presence by 10x! Our professional online image matches the white-glove service we offer. Thank you, Ulistic team, for the fantastic work.



Ulistic has over delivered on their promises. They work tirelessly for our success and are open to our feedback. I could not ask for a better partner to do our marketing.



“Ulistic team are very responsive and have a serious passion for marketing and are always innovating. Thank you guys!”



“Fantastic experience working with Ulistic for over 7 years! The Ulistic team excels in delivering effective marketing services tailored to our MSP. I would recommend to any quality MSP looking to take their business to the next level.”



Frequently asked questions about MSP Growth LabTM:

What happens after I sign up?

On the next screen you will be taken to our expectations agreement which provides an overview of our program and allows you to agree to our general guidelines and provide payment information. Completing this form will secure your spot in our next available start date. Within the next two-to-three business days you will be added into our system and assigned a virtual assistant. Your VA will then be in contact with you directly providing you with all of your pre-onboarding work and the invitation for your Groundwork Workshops.

You will be required to attend four onboarding workshops, which will be held during your first month on either Wednesdays or Thursdays at 1pm Eastern Time and will last 90 minutes.

How much work do I have to do?

Onboarding is going to be the most time-intensive part of our program where you are required to attend four one-hour Groundwork Workshops in the first month of your program. Attendance is mandatory for the workshops and there may be some additional work for you to complete in between sessions. After we complete the groundwork in our onboarding workshops, the core of our program is then done for you, meaning if you do absolutely nothing, you will be generating new leads with our program. The additional training and community elements enhance our program but are not 100% required for you to have success.

If my MSP is above $5m in annual recurring revenue, can I still sign up?

Yes, but understand that MSP Growth Lab may only be a part of your overall growth strategy, as opposed to your entire growth strategy as it is for our early- and mid-stage members.

How long is the commitment period?

Our agreement is month-to-month, however, mentally you should prepare yourself for at least a 12-month commitment because that is how long it truly takes to get into the groove and see the full benefits of our program.

Can I just do part of the program?

This is an all-or-nothing program. The reason we are able to offer this program at such a fair price point is that we have removed much of the customization that in the past has slowed down our team and added additional complexity to our workflow.

How many new customers can I expect?

This program is designed to help MSPs add four to eight new customers per year, in addition to what they have done through word of mouth. Not all results are equal; some members will see less, while other members will see more.

Can I make my website custom?

Yes, and no. We use specific, conversion-focused frameworks for all of our websites that we have developed after years of testing. You are free to work with our team to modify the content to suit your specific situation, but many of our user-experience strategies, like our live chat agent and multi-step call-to-action, are required on all websites that we manage.

How many revisions do I get?

Our team is happy to make revisions to any of your marketing work as long as the revision requests support our end goal: to help you win more customers. Our goal is to be efficient with our work so we can move fast. Winning new customers is a long process, and unnecessary revisions based on personal preference are discouraged because they take unnecessary time and resources.

What if I have a niche?

No problem. Niche marketing requires a slightly different approach to local SMB marketing, and we are prepared to help you gain traction in your niche or local market, or both. We also have a deep understanding of the different MSP verticals, and much of our training and member sprints work great for niche marketing.

Will the price increase?

Public prices for this program will increase over time; however, prices will not increase for active customers, except for an annual 3% cost of living increase.

I don’t want my MSP to look the same as others…

Differentiation is an advanced marketing tactic, and not something that we focus on in our program. We find that that when MSPs reach the $10m+ mark in revenue, advanced marketing tactics like brand differentiation can start to be a powerful tool, but for now, we want you to focus on what works for early- to mid-stage MSPs - the proven frameworks that we employ at MSP growth lab.

Nuts and Bolts of the Program


Backed By Our 30-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Attend all of your strategy building sessions for the first 30-days of program - and if you aren't satisfied - we'll refund 100% of your program investment.


  • MSP Marketing Virtual Assistant Value: $1,800/ Mo

    Our program would not run without our virtual assistant (VA) program; all of our VAs operate out of our Udaipur, India facility, and have direct, in-office support from our MSP marketing managers and trainers.
  • Manual Prospect List Building Value: $800/ Mo

    Cancel your subscription to Zoom Info; our team will do all of your prospect research using our own enterprise tools and manual research to build the most effective prospecting list for your campaigns.
  • Cold Email Outreach Value: $1,200/ Mo

    Many MSPs try to hire a “setter” or SDR to follow a cold-email cadence; with our program our team will handle this task for you, using an email account that is set up on your email system and sending on your behalf.
  • LinkedIn Lead Generation Value: $1,400/ Mo

    We will operate your LinkedIn profile and do more than just build connections - we will generate leads. Our process is built around creating a strong link between you and your prospects in our polite and direct message sequence.
  • Website Refresh Value: $800/ Mo

    Our refresh program improves your website so that visitors will be inclined to contact you. Our program is based on proven conversion strategies, and we avoid focusing on personal preferences when making website decisions.
  • SEO Value: $2,500/ Mo

    Our SEO program helps you get found by your ideal customers in Google. We use a strategy that incorporates both the traditional organic Google listings as well as the Google maps listings which are more prominent in 2023.
  • Google Ads Value: $1,000/ Mo

    Our goal is to help our customers reach an industry leading $500 cost per lead in using Google Ads. We do this through targeted search campaigns and compelling retargeting campaigns.
  • Social Media Calendar Value: $600/ Mo

    Our team will be preparing a content calendar for you each month and posting on your behalf. Posts will be scheduled on your most prominent social channels: LinkedIn personal, LinkedIn business and Google Business.
  • Email Newsletter Value: $600/ Mo

    Our team will be assisting sending a quarterly email newsletter that is focused on nurturing existing prospects and engaging with current clients. This is an excellent opportunity to re-engage past or existing customers.
  • Website Blogs Value: $300/ Mo

    Our team will be preparing a thought provoking and informative blog post for your website each month. These will be linked in your email newsletter and will also be added to your social media feed.
  • Complete Marketing Toolset Value: $800/ Mo

    You will not be paying for an additional marketing tool while you are member of the MSP growth lab. We include tools for CRM, email marketing, website lead tracking, website analytics and more.
  • Vault of Proven Marketing Frameworks Value: $1,000/ Mo

    We include an archive of past campaigns that you can ask your VA to help customize and use in your own marketing. Frameworks include printed mailers, authority articles, business cards, and more.
  • Unlimited Marketing Requests Value: $1,200/ Mo

    Feel free to submit any additional marketing design, content or web requests from our team. As long as your request supports our goal of helping you win new customers, we are happy to do it!
  • Training & Community Value: $2,000/ Mo

    As part of your membership, you will have access to our complete training archive, future community events held over Zoom, and the ability to ask our experts and coaches your questions about growing your MSP.

If you were to try to bring all elements of our program together on your own, our MSP pricing experts estimate the cost would range from $15,000 to $25,000 per month…

"Life is too short to wait for business growth to happen. Start growing your MSP now!"


Total Value: $14,497 / Mo

2023 Program: $3,497/ Mo*

*Additional Fees: $750 - $1000 per month in Google Ad spend; ~$80 per month for LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

**3% cost of living adjustment will be added to your monthly payment on the anniversary of your sign up date each year

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